Carteret County Links

To stay in touch with the latest information in Carteret County, follow the following links:

CLICK HERE – Carteret County Health Department Web Site

CLICK HERE – Carteret County Health Department Facebook

CLICK HERE – Carteret Emergency Services Facebook

CLICK HERE – Emerald Isle NC Government Facebook

CLICK HERE – Atlantic Beach NC Government Facebook

Citizens Inquiry Phone Line: 252-726-7060. This phone line is staffed for questions from the public that are not answered via the automated phone line. This line is staffed Monday-Friday from 8am to 5 pm.

Public Information Recording- 252-726-7177. This line provides recorded informationnregarding several topics of guidance for Carteret County Citizens. The information will include:

1. Number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Carteret County.

2. What to do if you are feeling sick or think you may be exposed to Covid-19.

3. Contact information for the Carteret County Health Department.

4. General guidance for sheltering in place and good hygiene procedures.

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